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Instructions and login Info was sent to your email you used to make the order. if you don’t see it please check spam folder, if there is nothing there please send us an email using the form to the left. Please use the name and email you used to make the order that way we can quickly find your order and send you that info.

We ship same or next day shipping, without any delays it should arrive 2-3 business days.

Shipping is Free if your orders total is over $80 Dollars.

Contact us as soon as possible at and we might be able to adjust your order. Unfortunately we can’t make changes if an order has been shipped already.

No, you can’t. Multi connecting on 1 account can block your username and IP address.​

Please understand we do not control any of the feeds on any of the server. We can simply provide you access through a portal to receive service from 3rd party service providers. Keep in mind that every channel and every feed has to be streamed from multiple offshore servers worldwide to get to you. Because of this complexity, sometimes the connections are not stable due to weather, storms, or satellite outages. The service provider knows about the channel outages as soon as they happen and always works to resolve problems in a timely fashion. Please be patient and check in on the channel as it will eventually be resolved.

The best way to explain this and the complexity of how your TV service is delivered, is by understanding how the service works. A channel is recorded live and the feed is resent over the internet. There are always variables in streaming anything especially in TV service. There are several factors that could cause this. The source of the feed could have frozen. The path the feed took through the internet could have had problems. Your own internet connection might have had a momentary blip, or even your own internal connection could experience packet loss to a small degree depending on your setup. Because of all these factors, we simply cannot guarantee any channel or any feed based on how many factors are involved that are completely out of our control.

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