Legal Disclaimer

IPTVSam DOES NOT Host or Store or Index or Transmit or Re-transmit or Stream or Publicly perform & or otherwise provide unauthorized access to infringing copies of motion pictures or TV programs. IPTVSam is a reseller of pre-manufactured Media & Smart TV Devices Which might include a third party applications owned by a third party or available on Applications stores that customers download;WE DO NOT own or develop or build or have an access to any of the applications on the devices that may have other applications like YouTube / Facebook / internet browser / Skype & many other applications that available on applications stores. “IPTVSam” IS NOT a service provider as we DO NOT own or run any broadcasting service or servers & we DO NOT have a direct or indirect control over the content or the selection of the primary transmission content. We DO NOT claim any rights on the content of any device or product sold. At IPTVSam, we DO NOT manufacture, modify any device software or hardware and any device available in the store does not have the ability to download or store any content on any hard drive or storing device.

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