You’ll need to sideload the UnLinked app on FireStick because it is not available in the official Amazon App Store. If you are new to the FireStick ecosystem, the term “sideload” may sound too technical for you, but trust me, it’s as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. 

To make the installation process easier to follow, I am going to split it into two sections. The first section is about preparing your FireStick, and the second is about installing UnLinked. So, without any more delay, let’s do this.

Section 1: Preparing Your FireStick to Download UnLinked

To sideload any app (including UnLinked) on Fire TV devices quickly, we need to have an app called Downloader. Available officially on the Amazon AppStore, the Downloader app lets you install third-party APKs and other files easily. To get it, here’s what you need to do: 

1. Select the Find option on your FireStick home screen.

How to Install UnLinked App on FireStick

2. Scroll down and click Search.

firestick search

3. Now, start typing in Downloader. You don’t need to type the full name. Click on Downloader when it appears in the suggestions underneath the keyboard.

downloader suggestion

4. Click Downloader in the APPS AND GAMES section.


5. Click Download or Get. The app installation will begin now.

install downloader app

6. On the FireStick home screen, select Settings (the gear icon). 

Firestick Settings

7. Locate and select My Fire TV.

My Fire TV on firestick

8. Scroll down and click Developer Options. (If you don’t see it click here)

unlinked on firestick

9. Select Install unknown apps.

Note: If your screen shows Apps from Unknown Sources, select it to toggle it ON. You may ignore step 10 below.

install unknown apps

10. Click on Downloader to turn it ON.

turn on Downloader app

Part 2: Installing UnLinked on FireStick

Since we now have the Downloader app, let’s finish the UnLinked installation process.

1. Launch Downloader.

Note: If you ever have trouble finding a specific app, press and hold the home button on your remote, and select Apps from the menu that appears.

2. Select the URL input box as highlighted in the screenshot.

downloader home screen

3. Enter in the box and click Go

Note: does not distribute or host this APK. 

install unlinked on firestick

4. The link will take you to the official page of UnLinked. Scroll down the page using the directional button on your FireStick remote and select Download Android App.

unlinked apk download

5. Once the APK is downloaded, you will get a prompt to install it. Click INSTALL.

how to install unlinked apk on firestick

6. After installation, click DONE

unlinked app installed

7. The UnLinked app is now installed, so you don’t need the APK anymore. Click the Delete option. 

Delete unlinked APK file

8. Click Delete again. 

firestick unlinked apk

How to Add UnLinked to FireStick Home Screen

1. From your Firestick home screen, select the three-tile icon.

firestick applications

2. Scroll to UnLinked without selecting it. On your FireStick remote, press the menu button.


3. Select Move.

unlinked apk guide

4. Move the app to the top row using the directional buttons on your remote. Press the select button to finalize the app’s placement. 

Unlinked app Icon

5. You can now launch UnLinked from the home screen. 

UnLinked App home screen

How to Use UnLinked App on FireStick

Go ahead and launch the UnLinked app! As you can see from the screenshot, this is how the home screen looks.

 use unlinked app on firestick

Now select Add in the bottom-left corner.

add a new library

For the Library code, enter 3132880016.

unlinked new Library code

unlinked Library

Downloading an app from a library is a simple and straightforward process. Follow the below instructions to do so:

1. Select the app you want to get and click download.

cinema hd ad free

2. Now, downloading will begin. 

3. Once the download is complete, select the app again and select Launch.

uplinked app

4. Click INSTALL.

install cinema hd

5. After installation, click DONE to launch it later. If you want to start using the app immediately, select OPEN instead. 

cinema hd v2 installed

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